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MediaMachina - why us?

Why work with us? Well ... read below!


First of all, we're not a huge company. We keep it small, professional and independent. We have been working for major advertising agencies, businesses - from really small to huge, but also in NGOs. Our expertise covers devising online strategies, building succesfull brands, designing and implementing online tools, and project management. Based upon those experiences we introduce Media Machina.

Most important - we know that the project you're dealing with is important. That is why we can offer you our knowledge, experience and support on it's every stage of development. We will provide not only the tools, design and programming but also neccessary workshops, training, hosting, statistics and support packages in months and years to come.

We also want our cooperation to be a positive experience for both sides. At the beginning we'll together set rules of the project and we'll estimate what we need from your side. We'll explain every step of the process, but we will not overwhelm you with technical details. We'll be always open to answer qestions in a way that would make your involvement comfortable. You will receive a complexed state-of-the-art solution or tool that will help your business or organization. Also - we will respect your time and your budget. We promise a lot - but we will simply keep those promisses.


Our solutions are:

Fast » Yes - we measure that using all available tools, and optimize.

Efficient » Your biness or communcation goal is our goal.

Unique » We don't use any ready-to-buy templates.

Cost effective » We reduce overheads working remote, and having no office.

Up-to-date » Done according to Google policies, RODO compliant, optimized for SEO.

Acccessible » We take care to make our tools accessible for people with dissabilities being compliant with WCAG.

How do we work?

First of all we value open communication and clear rules of business cooperation.

Conscious analysis of your inquiry » we only take up projects that we are able to complete. Yes - it means that we can suggest using the services of the competition, if the project requires the use of technologies in which we are not masters, or if we will not be able to realize it in the assumed time and budget.

Conscious methodology of the process » analysis-> workshops-> strategy-> mock-up -> graphic design-> implementation-> service and support-> promotion (each project is different so cross unneccessary points).

Quality » we really care about it, we are up to date with technology and constantly improve our competencies to provide you with the best solutions.

High quality of services » contact us if you have any doubts or questions! Yes - at every stage of the project.

Fully Remote Process » we do not have an office, company's cars, coffee machine, or other unnecessary cost generators, which in the end would increase the cost of your project unnecessarily.

Business Reliability » we respect the terms and arrangements regarding our cooperation.

We manage change » each project can change in the middle, if it is so - we will analyze its further stages together.